Göran Kjellberg

Board member

Born in 1942. Kjellberg started his career in the banking sector. During 12 years he worked for Göteborgs Bank, nine of these years as employed by the daughter company Göteborgs Inteckningsgaranti AB, Gigab, a company dealing with financing of property as well as with property management and property transactions. In 1973 Kjellberg left Gigab and started his own business, continuing as a consultant within commercial property management and property broker. From 1985 he has invested in property in Sweden as well as in Germany, Holland and the UK. In 1996 Kjellberg founded Friggastaden which in 2006 became part of the public company Din Bostad AB. He is a member of the review board regarding property for the insurance company Länsförsäkringar Göteborg- och Bohuslän.

Kjellberg holds board positions in
- Din Bostad Sverige AB
- Pac-Production Sweden AB
- Hotel Årjäng AB
- Hökeborg Fastighets AB