Hans-Åke Uggla

Managing Director and board member
 Hans-Åke Uggla, Board member of of CastorX Capitatal AB

Born 1951. Uggla worked with export for seven years responsible for establishment in new markets for an international trading house in Gothenburg. During this period, he visited slightly more than 100 countries where operations were established through contacts with local distributors. He started Merx team in 1984, which has grown into an international company through a mixture of organic growth and a number of acquisitions and the integration of other companies. Merx is currently present in ten markets and has subsidiaries in Finland, Norway, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and China. Merx team produces consumer goods under its own brand and stocks and distributes these to its own subsidiaries and to approximately 1,500 distributors in Sweden and other markets. Uggla has played an active part in the Merx team in Russia since 1999. Merx has four offices in different locations in Russia. The head office is in Moscow with 20 employees. Merx team is a subsidiary of Wallers Udde BV, who also owns Merx Fastighets AB, an owner and real-estate manager in Göteborg, Värmland and Dalsland. Uggla is an investor in the Pushkin project and has been on the Board of Pushkin Holding AB since the beginning of 2005.